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Exam to enter 6eme, Year 2014-2015: 100% success ! ! ! 

Children Montessori

The primary department receives children from the first through fifth grade (CP to CM2 in the French system) Monday through Friday. Our programs are aligned with the standards set out by the French Ministry of National Education.

Students BMSO learning

Providing a bilingual education, in both French and English, the students follow the French curriculum. The students study reading, literature, writing, geography, history, science, moral ethics, and technology with the French teachers. English – reading, literature, writing, and mathematics, geography/history, science, art, music, physical education and technology are taught by English teachers.


  • low student/teacher ratio
  • individualized learning
  • following the French standards
  • qualified, attentive, devoted teaching staff
  • programs that are adapted to the age and learning pace of the individual student
  • teachers who are native speakers
  • learning French and English and using these to teach the other disciplines
  • a hands-on learning approach encouraging individual autonomy, curiosity, and personal growth
  • integrating technology into the curriculum
  • encouraging individual and group responsibility

Links to individual Class websites:

Art Classes

student BMSO Learning