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The Preschool/Kindergarten section (3-6 years old) consists of one English Montessori teacher and one French Montessori teacher; educative activities are delivered 50% English and 50% French.

In the Primary section of the school (6 to 11 years old), there are three full-time English speaking teachers and two full-time French teachers. There are also specialized teachers in music and art.

In the college, grades 6 through 9, there are specialized and qualified teachers in all the specific courses: French, English, Chinese, Spanish, math, science, geography, history, technology, physical education, art, and music.

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Preschool and Kindergarten Program

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The Preschool/Kindergarten Section of the school follows the Maria Montessori educational philosophy and Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The hands-on learning approach is encouraged daily. We believe the child learns best through all the senses.

Primary and College Program

The Primary Section of the school (Years 2-6) follows the French National Education program:
The French National Education program is respected in the following subjects: French, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science and Civic Education.
English is delivered following the British curriculum; the children also study International topics in History, Geography and Science throughout the year.
The primary and college students also have moral ethics, art, music, technology and sport classes each week. Computer technology is also taught and implemented throughout the curriculum.
The college follows and respects the French National Program preparing the students for the Baccalaureate (IB) program in high school – Lycee.