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“My daughter Otilia is now 12 years old and in the first year of French secondary school. She is bi-lingual and went to BMSO for 4 years from CP to CM1. She blossomed within the small classes as an individual in her own time at her own rhythm, both in her work and in her creativity. The school installs values such as respect for oneself and for others, which is an element of education in the broad sense that is very important to me. She has a learning difficulty that she managed to deal with, without feeling uncomfortable. Perhaps the best advertisement for the school is that she loved it and never wanted to leave. 6eme, or the first year of secondary school, was a big change but she has adapted well and is a serious pupil with aspirations. My 9 year old son has also been at the school for four years and he too is enormously fulfilled there. It is a great pleasure to have seen my daughter, and now my son, grow up in a caring and stimulating environment with lots of inter-active learning and space for the individual”.

Gizelle Rahman

“We were expatriates in France and all three of our children attended BMSO for three years. We loved the teaching style of the school with a small family type environment and an international perspective. This learning environment allowed our children to grow and open up a world of learning opportunities through reading, writing, poems, and maths. They have become lifelong learners in this environment and we will always be appreciative of BMSO for their open arms and help when we arrived five years ago. Thanks to the parents and friends our family’s experience in Chantilly, France, was an incredible experience. We have been back for a year now and have been able to transfer this learning experience into the American School System. Our children have integrated into the programs except they were a year or two ahead in several areas. They are excited to learn new things. They loved the friends that they made at BMSO and hopefully will remain lifelong friends with the families of BMSO. Thanks BMSO for our wonderful years in France. “

Lori & Richard Brown

“The school benefits our children because with the M method they are able to learn at their own rhythm whilst following a precise programme. My eldest child needed more time than his friends to learn. It definitely helped him not to be drowned in a big structure. My younger son refused to learn English, and thanks to the bilingual education from nursery school up, he is now capable at 6 years old to communicate in English with his Canadian and Australian cousins.”

Liv et Marie-Caroline Soavina

‘BMSO is a nurturing and caring school with a real sense of community and passion for ensuring quality education’
‘The size of the school enables class teachers to form unique relations and build up a nice rapport with each individual student in the school’ ‘A school where the teachers are dedicated to bringing out the best in their students; academically, socially and personally in a creative and supportive environment’

Miss Fox – Former Teacher/Head Teacher

“Being parents of 3 boys we have visited numerous schools, but the wonderful atmosphere of the M school struck us immediately. The quality of the teaching, the autonomy and the structure that is given to the child, as well as the bilingualism, reassured us in our choice and we are very satisfied by the evolution of our children in the heart of the school”

Vanessa Pham

“BMSO is a very friendly school, with a warm family atmosphere. The children learn to play and care for all their schoolmates, regardless of age. It’s great to teach such small classes, and develop close relationships with individual children. As a result, I’m able to cater for each child’s needs, in order to develop their full potential. The parents are very motivated and involved, which makes a real difference!”

Miss Demay, Former French Teacher

“The Bilingual Montessori School de l’Oise has greatly improved our family’s expat experience. Our children are being taught in their native tongue as well as having fun learning French. The staff to student ratio is small which offers our children more individual care. The smile on our two children’s faces everyday is proof enough”.

Louise Rio